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Leasing the Farm

Built in 1927
Built in 1927

My family farm in Ohio has leased land usage rights to a hydraulic fracking company. In addition to being a place of great personal significance, the farm is also the place where my Grandma lives and has lived for most of her life –with a significant portion of my family living on the land surrounding it. My father grew up on this land and has a deep connection with it.

Fracking on small family farms is becoming increasingly common. There are many factors as to why my family, and many like it make such a drastic decision. The idea that this industry while problematic to the environment, creates jobs in America and boosts the economy. The amount of money paid to just to sign a lease is enough to get most people grabbing a pen. One of the worst problems I have seen is ignoring the harm this type of oil extracting is causing the land.

In this project I want to bring in a personal touch, which most people ignore in debates such as this. I also want to create a dialogue between me and my family in grasping an understanding of why we have such different ideas about this topic.


Dad in Spring

Start of Fall

Feeding the cows

Bails of hay

Mud pasture

Emerald Ash Bore damage


Truck bed travel

Dinner time

Food storage

Wood for Winter


Pip berries

Aunt Rhonda

Hike in the woods

Hunting path


Emerald Ash Bore damage #2

Cow Talk

Uncle Andy bailing hay


The path

Need for wood


Century Farm

Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Rhonda

Grandma & the storage cooler


Planting walnuts

Fall changes

Cow 16



Historic Homestead

Billy's Pile